The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


from the mixed up files of Kat A Pevzner:

this is a little love-note I left for the gentlemen who waxed the floor outside my office without telling me... leavfing me "waxed in" for quite a bit of time

I spent quite some time re-reading my stuff. Do you want to re-read (or just read...) a few of my favorite things?

I'm a grown up
love notes
farm stand
not the milkmans daughter
the list
eat the chicken!!!
"it's my favorite and my best" issue #2
why did I stop doing these little reviews? they were so fun! do you think I should do them again?
recovery-discovery (also known as "the time Kat got to speak ON AIR with Tom Ashbrook from On Point!!!)
in celebration
string beans are losers
it's happening!


Still Life With Coffee said...

This inspires me to leave more love notes! Thank you.

Rachel said...

LOL - Love the sign. That's awesome! Did they respond to your love note?