The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others



you know how sometimes your life can get just SO.... distracted? So much so that sometimes things seem invisible... you walk by them a hundred times and make a mental note of what you see... but you don't actually process what you are seeing.
Until one day, you look around you and in every crevice or corner you see all these hilarious scenarios and you wonder why you were so busy walking by them that you didn't even stop to laugh at the craziness of what you saw.
The following images, that I have found around my home today, are going to be reminders to stop walking with my head full of future "to do's" and start looking around me at the "in the moments":

sometimes when I see that shocking number on the scale I feel like passing out too... what makes it worse for Cinderella is that she has Prince Eric looking on... and is he gloating? That smug bastard!

anyone up for a game of laundry basketball?

Mr. Cow is making a fine example of the Mass child safety seat law... a 5 point harness for kids under 40lbs. Looks like he's stuck there for a while

Baby dolls often perform death-defying trapeze stunts... in the shower

How many Care Bears can you fit in one bathtub? They care alot.... about body odor

I wonder if this Bionicle knows "Heart and Soul"?


Schriftstellar said...

HA!! I *love* the one with the scale. :)


jenica said...

kat! these are hilarious!

i just got your message and i'm excited that you're so excited! mccabe is wonderful, you'll fall in love with her during the course. it's a powerful thing isn't it? to be able to give little girls empowerment and creativity?