The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others



new creations: miniature pottery birdsnest, embroidered forest scene, pottery pendant, my new bible

I just read the most profound thing I've read so far this week, it was what Jenica said- it was just the right timing for my heart and soul to hear it thus wiping out all the whispers of self doubt that have been hounding me this week:
when someone becomes a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant or the likes, you go through a certain process: classes, tests, and then a certificate is handed to you in the end stating that you are now a DOCTOR. there is nothing like this for artists, there is simply ownership of skill. there is no accreditation to follow, no real tests to prove worthy on. some take classes or have degrees and some are simply born with raw talent. the point is this, if you love it, then do it. own up to your trade, don't be afraid to be something fantastic. take your first baby step today.

and then there was this: thoughtful words from a completely insightful amazing friend:
May today be the beginning of amazing things to come


elissa said...

LOVE your embroidery!!

Schriftstellar said...

I think I'm going to take that quotation about artists and post it by my computer. :) It was just what I needed today!


jenica said...

i'm so glad that it meant so much to you! i hope that it helps you take the first steps of many to finding joy in the everyday.


audrirene said...

That was very cool Jenica! I think a lot of us can use that advice.