The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


"it's my favorite and my best" Issue #2

this issue features church fair insanity, tofu and a spiffy new pair of sneakers. Enjoy.

Jewelry: Lisa Jenks has retired from making jewelry... but that doesn't stop it from appearing. For 5 bucks no less. On the jewelry table at the church fair. Oh ya. I researched my find ( a cute little ring) a little bit and it's beautiful sterling silver value is anywhere from $60-$90. It was worth elbowing the older ladies who hovered like vultures eyeing road kill on the highway.

Song: Jason Mraz: Lucky If I had courage, I would choose to sing this duet with my love.

Blog: Beck, of Frog and Toad Are Still Friends and her hilarious posting of the Baby's first art show entitled That Fish Guy Is Looking At You.

Food: I make this honey and orange tofu for the family and the kids ask for seconds. I like to call it "Miracle Tofu".

Read: I'm feeling so confused. I never wanted this. I never wanted to believe that this could happen but it has... I blame it on the madness of church fairs and their dirt cheap lure of the children's area. What am I talking about? Well... Iris is now the proud owner of her very first Barbie. And just to kick the point in further, she has her (in all her sparkly pink princess dress glory) speed racing around our living room in her pink Jeep. Ya. I always hoped we could avoid this, but Iris is in love. Upon researching ways to justify my insanity in buying it for a dollar in the first place I came across this really important essay about Barbie, and how we can embrace her for who she is and what she can represent instead of rejecting her for all the bad "messages" she supposedly plants into our daughters young impressive minds. Don't get me wrong, the Barbie Mansion will never grace our livingroom (unless next years church fair bargain blinds my moral values again that is) but after reading the essay, I can relax and just let Iris do what little girls do with plastic dolls: play. And P.S.: the madness continues with Sage's victorious find of a Gameboy Color with 6 games... we officially have our first ever "video game system". What the heck do they put in the strawberry shortcake at that fair? Madness I tell you... mad. ness.

Cause: This is a two for one- the first being that the purchase of my new Converse All Stars raises money for global health issues, the second is that wearing pretty little new sneaks causes my heart to burst with joy. and let's face it; there is something really bad ass about Little Red Riding Hood.

Image: Rob Ryan, one of my favorite paper cut artist has a few new tiles in his shop


Schriftstellar said...

You are so freakin' awesome...if I ever finish my thing for Soulful Sundown I'm totally checking out these links. ;)

Barbee' said...

I noticed you and I are both fond of Tasha Tudor. Did you know that she died Wednesday? If you are interested, here is a post I did about her last night. Tash Tudor, May She Rest In Peace