The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others



how do I define myself? My first instinct is to say "Mom", "Wife", "Woman". But if I look closely at what I'm made of- I see a work in progress. It was a year ago August that I kind of fell apart. Volleying a deep, long lasting depression and a severe bout of anxiety and insomnia, I kind of lost that sense of self. I went into protection mode where I could only see what was 5 feet, 5 minutes, 5 steps in front of me. I needed to do that. It was how I coped. I let other people take over my life so that I could take in my life and heal.
I'm healed.
So what am I going to do to define myself now? Well, for one thing I'm going to look at myself more closely and although I will still see a work in progress, I will see more clearly the progress that I spent a year working on. I can define myself as "creator", "nurturer, "thinker", "do-er". I fell more well rounded than I have in my life. Here are the risks I took.
I've reflected:

I've challenged myself:

Put myself out there in the community:

and experimented with outstanding results:

What's next? Well hang on by the seat of your pants and get ready to take that ride with me.


Schriftstellar said...

I am so ready. :)

Anonymous said...

happy :->

elissa said...

i miss you, lady.

jenica said...

this is awesome, girl.
so proud of you.
i had to break too before i could find myself again.