The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


In Celebration

Today I'm feeling every moment of my 34 years. My shoulder aches for the bitter cold weather, I feel the chill all the way down to my bones. I've decided that I need some very still, very quiet time sitting on the couch, bathed in sunlight. Today is a day so full of everything I need. I feel joy, very softly and quietly and truth be told- somewhat timidly... heck, I may even splurge on myself and turn the heat up from 64 to 68 just to celebrate! And here are the things I observe from my perch:

Knitting Aqua with cherry red needles

loving up my new cashmere stripey socks.. worn, of course, with cropped and ripped jeans and weathered black Danskos

Reading and planning a gluten free menu based entirely from the pages of Living Without magazine

Holding a chubby little, milk and butter and soup sticky hand while watching a marathon of Charlie and Lola episodes. I'm loving how just above our clasped hands are the words "so good"

the gold splattered across the lawn as the sun filters through the trees and lands on the burnt red leaves


Schriftstellar said...

Happy birthday, friend. You're wonderful.


audrirene said...

Beautiful birthday girl...