The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


He is...

have you ever written an I Am poem? This is a wonderful way for kids to really express themselves in a guided way. Some really profound thoughts can come out if they are able to follow a simple method. Sage has dwritten one in the past and he wrote another one recently. I love this boy and all "he is"

I am sweet and smart

I wonder what a bee see's
I hear a train
I see a big statue
I want to have everybody as my friend

I am sweet and smart

I pretend to be a space captain
I feel the world is quiet
I touch a rose's thorms
I worry about war
I cry when something dies

I am sweet and smart

I understand why the world turns
I say that war is bad
I dream about peace
I try to help
I hope that everybody will stop fighting

I am sweet and smart.

now it's your turn... will you write an "I Am" poem and share it with me?

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jenica said...

so sweet.
it is such a revealing exercise.