The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


I Am From

This is the poem we found on the wall in Sage's classroom at Open House. It seems kind of cryptic in some areas, kind of simple in others and kind of just... 100% my son and his life *,**.***.

Here is where I am from, as a response to him and to my own direction in life:

"I am from the mighty Willow; strong and flexible, bending without breaking.
I am from my girlfriends who have all become, in their own little bits and pieces- my mothers.
I am from 'STOP FUCKING AROUND and get your LIFE STARTED!!!'
I am from container pot tomatoes, grown with love on the back porch for my little daughter who devours them aplenty and from the fragrant basil grown tall and hearty just like my thriving son.
I am from Massachusetts, I am from everywhere, I am from my OWN creation and my OWN dreams."

*"Michel" is my father in law... who is a great influence in Sage's life. He really spells it "Micheal" but loves Sage so much that he wouldn't bother to correct him because he would be blinded by tears that Sage was so thoughtful to include him as a starring role in the "family portion' of this poem

**gotta remember what that "sauce" was... he is usually an "anti-sauce" kinda guy... so I'm a little in awe that there was a sauce worthy of poetry on my part.

***oh and also except the Maine part... he's not from there but he did live there for about 6 months when he was about 2 years old. I didn't realize it stuck with him that much!


Schriftstellar said...

I love these poems so, so much: both yours and Sage's.

And I agree---you must be from the willow! You're the strongest and most flexible woman I know!


audrirene said...

That is so very sweet!

Anonymous said...

How cool. I am surprised by the Maine part too!