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Now with MUSIC...

I'm twice the fun now... I have a SOUNDTRACK to my blog! LOL
Actually,,, I've been "borrowing" music all day from Aquisition to make a mix CD for our anniversary because I couldn't decide between a Chinese Bed Warmer from Gaiam or a cockring from Blowfish (KIDDING.... TOTALLY and UTTERLY KIDDING.... gotta spice things up around here seeing as how I have about 3 readers... just seeing if anyone is paying attention ;)).
Neither seemed like a good "from the heart because I love you even though your unshaven face gives me a rash" anniversary present. So I went trolling the "celebrity playlists" to see if any cool celebrities that I liked, liked any good music LOL. It turns out that quite a few dorky celebs actually like pretty cool music... (or wait- does that make ME the dork for liking the same music as the celeb dorks??? I'm confused)
I came up with a lot... a bit of which can now be heard when you visit me here at The Reluctant Mermaid. So now you have a reason to come back faithful (but few) readers!


audrirene said...

Okay, HOW do you add music? That is so very cool!

~Kat~ said...

click the link under my playlist (on the left hand side of my blog... scroll down...) you can make you own Aud!!!