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I may need to get a mailbox

We have a Post Office Box. We also have two children who were totally spazzed out on post Marshfield Fair cotton candy and ice cream treats and can't help themselves when it comes to opening and slamming the bulk mailboxes that are RIGHT AT THEIR EYE LEVEL. Bill, the Post Office mental case made a huge scene about them slamming the boxes AS I WAS TAKING CARE OF IT and I ended up getting into a little tiff with him AND inadvertantly, in my haste and frustration, shoving Sage out the door (sob sob... I'm so ashamed of myself for that action). The beastly urchins are now both in time outs in their rooms and I'm taking slow deep breaths and contemplating whether to get a black aluminum mail box or a wooden one. Which one is least likely to sustain damage from Bill, the now digruntled postal worker who we just pissed off today?


audrirene said...

Hope today goes better! Mr postman won't hold a grudge. At least I don't think he will. {{hugs}}

Erin said...

Get one that's covered in black plether and spikes. Make it look if he's mean to it, it'll bite his ass!