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My kids got sick. Stomach sick... yuck. They had been exposed at my friend's house, she was taking care of them that day and had warned me that the illness had recently been a part of their lives to which I replied, "my kids never get those kinds of viruses... we have stomaches made of steel I think- because we NEVER throw up". I'm eating my words... eating them and then wiping up with a disinfectant.
Sage threw up Friday night, Iris started with diarreah on Saturday. Iris and Alex threw up Sunday night. We went 3 days without incident (except for some lingering diarreah with Iris) and on Thursday our friend came over with her baby to watch the kids... after I had told her that they were over it... they WERE over it! Except that afternoon I started getting sick. Sunday we got a call from our friend who was slightly annoyed; her baby was throwing up and had diarreah. Her whole family in fact, (which included her parents, her two brothers and her sister inlaw) was throwing up.
Her mother is the president of the new governing board at the church. They had a meeting with about 10-15 people at their house. All THOSE people are now throwing up...
If there was any way possible for me to magically conjure up a deep dark hole to jump into- I would. I'm horrified... just HORRIFIED that this happened.
So horrified that it makes me feel like throwing up.


Erin said...

Please. Stay away from me. I don't mean that in a bad know I love ya, right? But stay far, far away :)

audrirene said...

If it is that contagious, there is every reason to believe that those people were exposed to the same germ elsewhere in the last week. They propably got it from somewhere else and it had nothing to do with you. Do not beat yourself up over this. This kind of "bug" will get you someway or another. Even if it wasn't from "you", it would be the next person they came in contact with. {{{hugs}}}.

Jennifer said...

WOW!! What an ordeal! I remember my son's 5th b-day, like it was yesterday. We had the whole neighbourhood over for a fun out in the sun. The next day, 16 kids had roseolla and every adult had strept throat. I know the 'crawl into a hole and hide' feeling. Don't feel bad, it happens to everyone. If you didn't get them sick, someone else would of. Those kind of flus don't stay away no matter what we do. I hope everyone is feeling better now! Look at it this way, you now have an immunity to it when it comes around again and you've blessed all those people by making them immune to it also!! LOL