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Nana's Apron

I miss my family. I miss MY family, the one that I remember from when I was little and it would be Christmas and we would spend Christmas Eve travelling from the Christmas Eve service at church (where I may or may NOT have lit my sisters hair on fire... I have no memory of it therefore it never happened... sorry Car... and also sorry about the time I "supposedly" stabbed you in the eye with a pair of scissors. Yes, I know you actually have a scar ON your eyeball but I'm sticking to my "I have no memory of it, therefore it never happened)
Um, so anyway we would start at church, and most likely head off to one of my Dads relatives in Scituate. My Nana and Grampa or one of my Aunts houses where I had about 50 billion cousins and I could only remember the names of about 15 of them (Kurt, Patti, Lorraine, Paula, Kevin, Shawn, Doreen... if you're reading this you were ALL my favorite cousins xoxo).
What do I remember about those holidays?
I remember wearing a deep green velvet dress.
I remember being in the cold car waiting for the heat to come on as we rode with our faces pressed to the windows looking for Rudolphs Nose (so bright!)
I remember getting a special gift from my Aunt Nancy who was my Godmother.
I remember Christmas cookies. Plates of them, all handmade, all by different relatives
I remember ribbon candy.
I remember my Nana and Grampa had a little ceramic Christmas tree that lit up. It was magical.
I remember my Nana... wearing a holiday themed apron. Or at least I think I remember it. (but I still clearly have no memory of the 5 year old pyro I was)
Even if it was a holiday or not, I remember Nana wearing aprons baking hermits and donuts and peanut butter cookies that were crisscrossed with a fork and dotted with a single chocolate chip right smack in the center.
So this wreath, this is for Nana: Priscilla DeMello, queen of hermits and telling us that we were so tall we could eat beans off her head, ruler of the pantry, keeper of the many many african violets that we loved to "mist" with her little green glass plant mister.
Nana's Apron.


jill nalette said...

this is a bit funny and it made me feel as if i was there in this memory with you. i love the wreath you's beautiful.
i also love the woman who made it and truly believes she too is beautiful!
love, hugs and smiles~ jill said...

I love this so much.. those memories like this from MY childhood fill me up so much.