The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


I believe

I believe that there are amazing people in the world.
I believe that each and every single person in my life is a gift to me.
Even the ones who break hearts.
I believe in miracles.
And the power to do what we need to do with what we have.
I believe that miracles helped me find a place to live, a new and safer car to drive, organize our new life (even if it means writing the wrong dates down for parent teacher conferences and gingerbread house parties.... oops)
I believe.
I believe that someone is looking out for us.
I want to thank that person who sent us this card that contained an amazing, incredibly generous gift that will help us for a long while.
I wish I could tell them in person.
But that's just the magic of Christmas I guess...

So- to this person, I want to tell them a little story that is always part of the Holiday Pageant at church (which stars a little white dove and a regal King... wink)

Go into the world and bid others to follow the star

Tell them the star means wisdom

Tell them the star means kindness

Tell them the star means understanding

Tell them the star means tolerance

Tell them the star means sacrifice

Tell them the star leads to a vision of a fairer world,

Tell them the star shines in the heavens and in their hearts and if they will follow... they will bring peace and joy to others and find it themselves.

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jill nalette said...

wow, kat! this is amazing and i couldn't think of a better person to recieve this gift.
love you sweetie!