The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


nipping at your nose

I love when something sparks a memory of when I was little. Last night, listening to holiday music I was reminded of how hysterical we thought The Muppets singing 12 Days of Christmas was. ("Fiiiive Gooold Riiings! Ba dum dum dum") and so I sent a text to my sister saying "remember this? we loved this when we were little!".
And it's the "remember?" that I'm focusing on right now.
Remember Jack Frost? That magical little man who flew to all the windows and covered them with magic ice crystals?
Beautiful swirls of frost, catching the light and making them almost look like stained glass.
So, guess who came to entertain us in the mornings? Who inspired me to give the kids that "remember?" for someday when they're texting each other?
Jack Frost
And now they (or Iris at least, Sage just kind of gives me that "um... ya okay Mom" look) pull up the shades to greet the morning light and then draw in a deep breath of wonderment.
Because Jack Frost left us some beauty in the middle of the night.
A frosty painting just for us.

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