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New and Happy Year!

Helloooo my beautiful friends! Welcome to the NEW YEAR! My decorations aren't even close to being packed up, which literally means taking down the peices of paper I taped up here and here and tossing this little wonderland back in the box that it all came out of.
This is a new year, a new start, a new way of looking at things- and there are SO many things to look at!
Which, is what I want to talk to you about.
I was g-chatting with this Grown Up Lady yesterday and I tossed out a funny idea (to distract from telling her about the dream I had that she and her boyfriend ELOPED! Which seemed funny when I dreamed it and kind of creepy when I told her that I had a dream about them... ehem...) and the idea was to maybe start having a guest blog post every now. OR if you're keyboard-shy, let me do an interview with you!
You are all amazing
You all have amazing things to say
Some of those amazing things you said to ME pulled me through a hellish time.
You are creative, dynamic, talented, hysterical, loving, wise and supportive. Don't you want people to know that?
Will you please?
Be a guest
At my blog table?
Will you please?
Let me interview you?
Because I think you're fascinating?
Will you email me?
If you get over your shyness and decide to just
thank you
you rock


just hit the button on the side to email me.

ps- you think you don't have anything to say? Bullsh*t... you've been saying all along, every day in every way. email me. I promise, I'll even get all fancy and actually use SPELLCHECK so I don't continually butcher your interview every time I write "peice" instead of "piece".
pps- Grown Up Lady is Totoro's Aunt


Carly said...

Thanks for the shout out! I like being known for my cat parenting especially :)

I will put my brain to the task of coming up with a good guest post!!

elissa said...

eloping... hm. dreams are funny. i had one that charlie delivered our baby in the car the other night- i hope that one doesn't turn into a reality