The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


One of these days these boots are gonna...

kick the shit out of whatever this freakin' saddness is doing to me. (bet you thought I was gonna get all Nancy Sinatra on you didn't you?)
Anyways, this weekend was a tough one for me. Saturday was lonely and I cried on and off all day feeling so sad for myself. I can't help it, I just do it... I try to have happy joyful thoughts, I try to focus on the good, I try to pick myself up by my bootstraps- but it's really not that easy!
Today though, I really wanted to do some serious ass kicking... or at least make it look like I was capable of doing so- so I wore these "don't mess with me" boots. Every time I wear them someone comments on how much they like them (here's your cue people). I don't know how special, or different they are from any other boots out there but maybe they comment on them because they see how they make me feel, I mean really- you HAVE to respect someone wearing tall black boots. You just have to.
I will have you know that even about 20 minutes ago, one of these "rough tough" guys I work with said "those are some serious BOOTS you have going on there". I've been here since April, I've been making (somewhat vain) self improvements lately, today they noticed. haha.... so- with my best kung-fu kick I say "hy-YA" to my sadness and put a tough girl spin on my pretty.