The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


I see you too.

Like I said, it's been extremely difficult to pass by a mirror and meet myself eye to eye. It's just not me... I don't feel like myself anymore and the reflection isn't as pleasing as the one before. Today, I just want to step back and take a look. A good hard look at the woman I am now. Raw and emotional, newborn perhaps? full of possibilities even? What do you see?
I don't know how far I've really come in this process of making myself feel prettier. Because man, there are some times where I start staring and staring at my scowling, sad, unattractive face and I just want to punch the mirror. And then there are times where I catch glimpses of pretty eyelashes, perky little shoes, bangles that clink and clank together, lightly tousled hair... and THAT'S what I need to remember matters.... all those little things. Little things, little moments, little steps, little touches of color, little sparkles, little blushing cheeks.
Keeping the big picture really really small makes it a little less intimidating. My big picture is made of tiny things. And that's okay right?
Well, here's something HUGE... I mean REALLY big and beautiful and wonderful and important. It's me, but it's all of us. It's everyone there and it's everyone HERE. It's all the mamas, and the non-mamas, it's all the big beautiful ladies and the teeny tiny ones. It's for the you and the me and the we,,, and it's the big picture, made up by many different smaller ones. And it's wonderful.
The awesomest lady, (did you like that version of awesome Lisa?) Lisa Work- Delzer is the creator of Visionary Mom, a website that encourages you to live out your dreams with your passion and creativity. (Mom's EXCEL at this by the way). Lisa is definitely practicing what she preaches... she has completely inspired me lately with how she's living HER dreams. I really encourage you to go to Visionary Mom and see for yourself.
And now, courtesy of Lisa, at Visionary Mom- I present You:

I See You.
I See All Of You.
Do You See Yourself In This?

1 comment: said...

omg.. so behind in my blog reading.. just now seeing this.. and YOU are the awesomest! :)

I love this whole series you are doing.. boots that kick the shit out of the nasty ass crap that gets us down... lipstick even if the coffee will steal it away... ruffles and bangles and all of it. I think it is waaaaay awesome. love you.