The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Day 5: Layers

I think it's obvious that in the past 4 months (FOUR MONTHS!) I have been peeling back a lot of layers. I think the first layer to take a hit was my sense of trust. It so quickly dissolved to a point where I was suspicious of little moments that could have been an early warning sign. I started being doubtful of what was said to me, any actions that were meant to be a peace offering were handled with kid gloves. I didn't trust, I didn't believe that anything was sincere because I didn't know how long before the "big blow", things were fake. You know what I mean? When people are hiding things from you, they don't just hide it for one day and then break your heart the following... they hide it for a while, for a long time, for years. So I just felt like my trust was broken because of just how long that secret went on without me knowing... it just hurts.
BUT that's all I'm going to say about the matter.... there are so many many layers to my process. I'm trying to get myself out of the "you suck, therefore you are" layer with this little project. Which brings me to today.
Fashion wise I know layering is hot. I've seen stores lately who make sheer clothing with the intention of having them participate in this "layering" party. I didn't seem to get the invitation, because I pick up these clothes and I have no idea what to do with them. You know who does though? You know who I have always admired as a "Master to the Layer"? My friend Jenica. She might be suprised that I'm noticing this but I can't help it when she takes amazing photos all the time, some of them of herself, always with awesome layering techniques. So today, in honor of all the old layers of myself that I seem to be shedding, and in celebration of the new layers that I am building (and in homeage to an awesome friend) I present you with: Layers. A "sheer" t- a ruffly navy tank and a long beaded necklace (in my favorite deep yellow). You like?


CindieQuilts said...

Gorgeously fashionista! And are you losing weight? Hugs and hugs and hugs and then a bunch of kisses and a ton of LOVE. You are the best!

jenica said...

awww. you rock the layers. ;-D
my friend amy reminds me that we're all just onions, shedding and growing layers as necessary.
and i am surprised you noticed my layering, although i do wear a lot. there are times that i look down and go: tight tee, tank top, skirt, short dress over it all, short cardigan on top of that, and a scarf. ;-D and now that it's getting cooler i'll add tights or pants underneath it and boots.

you are too cute.


Mary Beth said...

i love the layers in celebration of the layers. the onion analogy has been really poignant for me lately too. and i had to giggle that you feel inept with layering clothing. i can layer, but it's like long sleeve shirt, flannel shirt, fleece vest... lol. i layer more like a lumberjack. your layers look stunning!