The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Day 4, Turn Around Bright Eyes

My cat is so vain... he likes to make his way into photos like, "oh! were you trying to take a picture? I didn't even notice! let me fix my tail..."
He is carefully monitoring my use of makeup this morning because, well- makeup kinda scares the crap out of me.
When I was in a about 6th grade, blue mascara was "totally in". Blue, MASCARA people... what the hell were we thinking. And "foundation" didn't have all these magical skin-match properties. There was "light, "medium" "dark" and they were all varying shades of orange.
I always wanted someone to show me how to do makeup. Like Carmindy . I love her name first of all "Car-MINDY". It's awesome, she totally works it. But I also loves how when she talks to women about makeup, FIRST she talks to them about how beautiful they are. She points out their best features, things that we may not notice about ourselves because we're so focused on our double chins, or our hormonal acne. Where we see flaw, she sees feature- and she knows how to enhance that. I want someone to do that for me, but for now I'll consult fashion stylist to the stars: Totoro.
He approves of my pretty today and even encouraged me to take it a step further and do a light mist of Ralph Lauren Blue that I wear in honor of my friend Tracy, who says that perfume is healing medicine. And as soon as the fumes die down today (ahem...maybe I spritzed a little too much?) I hope that I feel the same way.