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Circus Act, Day 3

Last night I poked myself with... myself. For real, I haven't shaved my legs in like, months. Today's pretty is all about illusion and contortion, you know- like a circus. Or a magic show, actually more like a magic show but I like "Circus Act" as a post title so I'm sticking to my guns on this one.
It's been difficult to shave, I'm serious when I say that the shower in our new place is the size of gym locker... I can't raise my arm without first bumping my elbow a few times. I've whacked my head continuously on the hanging organizer I bought to hold all my showery stuff. My ankles don't get as clean as I'd like them to because I can't reach down, I'll get stuck. And that is one call I do NOT want to have to have my kids make to 911.
So as I said, I poked myself with myself. In bed, at about 11 I turned over and felt something sharp, like a pine needle, or a sliver of glass, or- like a wicked sharp, overgrown leg hair. Um, ya.
SO- as a way to make today pretty, I found that if I completely contorted myself in the shower, (I won't go into further details) I could happily and with much relief shave my legs. ahhh...
I didn't think it was that important to do something like that. But (ladies are you with me on this?) the feeling of lightness, and satiny smoothness is luxury. A small luxury- which, I am seeing daily, is one of the ideas of this project. Why shouldn't I feel special? Is it pathetic that the thing that makes me feel special today is that I shaved? Actually, what made it perfect was lathering on some amazing lotion that my favorite wabi sabi woman sent me.
Someone remind me in about 2-3 days to do that again. It was awesome.

Now for the illusion act. Look at this comfy flannel shirt. Perfect for a sunny, fall day. Now normally I shy away from plaid, but look! This one has ruffles! Girly girly ruffles! And the way it's cut, it gives the illusion that I actually have a WAIST! a curvy womanly waist. And besides, this shirt reminds me of Elissa, who can totally rock the flannel, making her new life in Vermont seem chic and exotic (even if she has to shop at large retail establishments instead of the garment district- not that there's anything wrong with that... unless her big-ass shopping cart locks it's wheels, making her bump her adorable tiny pregnant belly against it, then there is totally something wrong with that).

So, Sunday 10.10.10 has been a feel-good day so far. I think I'm getting somewhere with this project, do you think so too?


Anonymous said...

that shirt is so cute auntie kate :)

elissa said...

I hear you on the leg shaving task. It's not that my shower is tiny (though, it's by no stretch of the imagination "large") but, I can't bend over with ease anymore, and it's harder to hoist my legs up, too.

But when I finally get around to shaving, I feel very accomplished and pleased with myself :D

Thanks for the post, it's great!

elissa said...

oh- and- you are totally rockin that shirt.