The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


FINALLY! Christmas songs for the chronically depressed.. that's my kind of carol. (and some beautiful things)

Sufjan Stevens has GOT to be tapped into my soul and all it feels at this time of year... why else would he have written these songs for me?

Two of my favorite things right now- a beautiful yellow teacup that I found at the town dump (this particular color yellow owns me) and Rice Chex Treats* that my husband and I are battling over in the "Challenge to see who can eat more". This was my breakfast. It is cereal after all.

This papercutting is for Diana... my husbands little sister who is wonderful and talented and is going off to college next year to become a famous singer or songwriter or music business leader. She writes her own songs and this was based on some of her lyrics (of which I am forbidden to publish because she is in the process of copywriting them). Let's just say that the bridge in the background plays a key role.

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*did you know that Rice Chex are officially Gluten Free?

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elissa said...

oh sufjan stevens, welcome to my heart.

my little hiatus from the blog was due to a little hiatus in crafting, but then i finally said, "hey, elissa... you can blog and NOT craft" and so i did. And then, i went to see the tara donovan show at the ICA on Sunday with a dear, darling friend (you wanna go? it's amaaaaazing) and got a well-deserved kick in the ass. Her work reminds you that hey, you can do this. And hey, it doesn't have to look like what you think it has to look like.

The "I have wings too" sentiment really sticks with me. You're right. You and I share that.