The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others



I made a little change to my papercutting and I think I can say I'm done. I cut the roof off and added a tree bower. I embellished the sides a bit more and (painstakingly, hand crampingly) added the words at the bottom (which is befitting to the amount of reflecting and therapy that is required of me at this "family" time of year)
I've also found myself parking my butt more often on the kid-goo'ed livingroom couch. Either reading library book after library book (my own or Iris's unsatisfied search for a proper "Wendy" story... as in Peters gal. I think we may have to write our own) Iris has taken to brushing my hair and making "ponied- tails". There is nothing so soothing and relaxing as getting your hair brushed. Even if it I have to endure the occasional whack of the brush over my noggin. The knitting is going slow... I get so bored with it!
Now- on with the hibernating!

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