The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Follow the Star

We have now come to the portion of our programming where we reflect. Reflect on all things good this year, reflect on the wishes that came true and those still waiting in the wings. Reflect on the growth and the healing that happened after the suffering. There are many ways to share all that I feel right now- at this glorious, yet lonely time of year for me... but what I choose to say is what was written by an Unknown Author, read at the holiday pageant and accompanied by a year of photos of the moments most dear to me.

Have a Merry Mermaid Holiday my friends, Love Kat

Go into the world and bid others to follow the star

Tell them the star means wisdom

Tell them the star means kindness

Tell them the star means understanding

Tell them the star means tolerance

Tell them the star means sacrifice

Tell them the star leads to a vision of a fairer world,

Tell them the star shines in the heavens and in their hearts and if they will follow... they will bring peace and joy to others and find it themselves.


Shelly! said...

Oh Kat - what a wonderful post. I wish you could have been at our service with us yesterday - I would love to have shared it with you. We welcomed in the winter's solstice and each season, as performed, shared their meaning and joy before turning to the next season. Each one ended their comments with the question "Did you think it would last forever?" Made me appreciate each season more and gave each personal season of life more sense.

Here is a link for the text of it:

It was an amazing service. And my hope for both you and I is to remember it will not last forever. To see beyond our limitations to better days and at the same time seize the moments (like our children) which truly will not last forever.


Schriftstellar said...


As always: you're my favorite. We'll be calling you in tonight.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Kat love MJ

elissa said...

ohhh, the picture of iris holding sage's face is absolutely precious.