The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


The kind of day where:

*We play Chutes and Ladder until someone flips the board over with frustration.
*We get surprise visits from mother-figures (mine angel, Liz) and read each others minds when naming the baby's pink stuffed cat (Penny! We said it at practically the same time!)
*We paint rocks on the porch in quiet reverie, savoring the sun- SHINING for practically the first time this week.
*We pick basil leaves and munch then crunch them, letting the flavors burst all over our mouths.
*We measure the little tomatoes progress after the three day soaking they got.
*We eat tortilla chips, rice crackers, dried cranberries, cheese, turkey, carrots, blueberries, dried apples, strawberries, cantalope and cucumbers from a muffin pan.
*We fight over the cucumbers.
*We cut more cucumber slices and abandon the dried apples and rice crackers.
*We ride the plasma car, fast around and around the kitchen table, while the sibling without the turn interjects with a poke or a well placed kick.
*We yell "that's IT!!!" fiercely and seriously without really knowing the parameters of "that" or of "it".
*We fight over silver sparkly crayons.
*We bake GF brownies to bring to a late afternoon birthday party.
*We lay, relaxed while a friend practices her massage techniques on us for her class.
*We fight the afternoon sleepies... we lay and rock... we lay and relax... we lay and love.

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catebrook said...

Nice weekend! I'm going to **steal** the rock painting idea to do with my kids this week. :)