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Getting it off my chest (and a blog giveaway!)

I have a lot to say. I don't always have time to say it, I don't always have a good way to say it but darn it- give me a piece of clay and it's like you've just handed me a crackly new journal. Only it's a pendant, or it's going to BE a pendant anyways, as soon as it's fired and glazed. Then you can wear my words around with you and I will have released what I wanted to say out into the world...
Sometimes you just have to etch things into a piece of earth to get your point across.
So- now for some fun. I'm always curious about who is actually reading this nonsense that I throw around here at The Reluctant Mermaid. So, if you choose to come out of hiding and post a comment with your email, I'll put you into a drawing and send you one of my pendants (be warned, it's going to be a while before it's ready... patience my friends).
Comment below by August 1- one person will be randomly selected and contacted (email required please... I'm too lazy to chase you down)
that's all- I just want to know I'm not alone here :)


Schriftstellar said...

You are just so fabulous I can't even stand it. Can I have one? Pleeease? Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Did I ever mention that I am no good with computers? This is my 3rd attempt at leaving a comment, but did you see how I keep trying? I'm good like that.
Beautiful jewelry! Awesome talent! Can you see any tornado? I'm at work in Plymouth right now and we are waiting for one.

Anonymous said...

I'm here !!
You are not alone
MJ :->

Renee said...

You're not alone - I check in all the time. You don't get to write as much as you used to.... I miss it.

Shelly! said...

I agree with schriftstellar about your fabulousness.

And I agree with you about not having enough time to write but plenty to say. I thought about keeping blog journal to remember what I want to post about - then realized that I'd just get pissed off b/c I wouldn't get to 3/4 of them.

Sometimes I even mourn days when I cannot properly vent via blog. And then I remember that there are so many other things I do actually get to and a few other things that I do actually complete...

cpullum said...

Would love to be in the drawing!
Nice giveaway!

audrirene said...

You are never alone sweetpea! Love ya and reading when I can borrow someone's internet. xoxoxo

elissa said...

it didn't strike me as fair that i post... since i monopolize so much of your other time and energies....

but, i do frequent your blog.

and, i think you're great.

and, i love your kids.

Tyra said...

DAMN! As usual I show up late! Figures! LOL

And I love all of your posts!!! I know one day you will write a book and I will be able to say I was reading your stuff way back when.... LOL LOVE YA KAT!!!