The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


another one bites the dust

Is it us? Is it the plethora of art in our house depicting gods and goddesses and half naked people? Is it Ramona- the bunny... in all her chewy glory? I mean, it's probably the stacks of unfolded laundry and papers and wrappers and dust that just seems to blend into the woodwork to us- but most likely sticks out like a sore thumb to visitors.

What IS IT that makes our babysitters drop like flies around here?
Another one, two weeks in- just let me know on Monday that she's going to leave us... again... in two weeks... again... two... no... FUCK!@$%&*
And can I just say- will SOMEONE please just ELECT the new Mrs. President already? So that workin' folks like my husband and I can start benefitting by her new plan for working families and we won't have to choose between getting by with a half gallon of milk and no fresh fruit, over paying an affordable amount for quality childcare? Come ON!


Anonymous said...

I've got a sitter scheduled for the summer three days a week, but she won't start until school is out in June...just graduating from college...grew up here...she arrives back in town in about two weeks. She's planning to pick up hours at Magic Dragon, but maybe if she could help you a bit during that time..?

I'm in the directory...

-Piers' mom

~Kat~ said...

thanks Jen... I'm thinking actual day care- it's more reliable...
thanks for that though.

Schriftstellar said...

It's such an unfair, stupid, thing to have happen and I'm really angry with her on your behalf.

I also want to make sure you know that even if it *is* you, or the house (I've been to your house! Your house is beautiful!), it's not your problem---it's hers alone.

You know that, right?

Thinking of you always, and sending hugs...

Anonymous said...

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