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The way to healing

I have someone in my life who is beautiful and kind, patient, loving, good hearted, understanding, wise and supportive. She is calming and nurturing, funny and inspiring. She learned all of this from her parents, something that I only wish I had a teeny bit of... but more specifically she learned this from her mother- Terry.
Terry passed away last September. Kelly was her daughter, and is my brothers wife; my sister in-law.
I wrote about it, marveling at the sense of loss that goes so far beyond what I may experience someday, with my own mother, who I am disconnected with. Terry and Kelly were so connected you could almost see the silver thread of love between them. It was amazing to see.
So, a year from that time of so much sadness, there will be a day of so much hope. The first annual Terry O'Neill Melanoma Fund walk-a-thon will be held on September 13 along the beautiful, scenic Cape Cod Canal.
I will be walking, my family will be walking, all those who knew the abundant joy of Terry will be walking. My husband, who lost his own mother to Melanoma will surely be walking hand in hand with our sister in law... a more recent grieving child of loss to Melanoma.
The link to the beautiful blog that Kelly has set up will remain at the top of my site from now until the event. Please take a minute to watch the slide show of Terry and read Kelly's gorgeous and painful account of saying goodbye.

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Schriftstellar said...

Thank you so much for letting us know about this! I'm getting Audra right on it.