The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


somehow the wrongness of it all just feels so right

Let's face it... Ikea is not the solution to the "big box" problem. It's a prime contributor but somehow the fact that they can get away with calling a chair a SKRUVSTA and there are swedish meatballs practically leaping from the high (and fashionably lit) ceilings... they TRICK you into thinking that they are better than say, the dimly lit, halfways cheerful door greeters at that other fine big blue box store.... and I my friends, am one gullible and happy girl when I stroll through those doors like I did today with my girl and our dear friend (who wants to live in Ikea, much like this man did ).
So... what happened was, I woke up this morning completely uninspired by yet another gray day and thought, "I need BOLD PRINTS!" and "I have to run my hands through 310 thread count!" and "I have to test my sanity by chasing a moody, yet loveable two year old through the danger trap that is Ikea's SHOWROOM" the chocolate... oh- and the Lingonberry juice was kind of a draw too.

See- I get in these "spaces" in my mind where I just, I don't know... I just stop "seeing" things and "feeling" things and suddenly I feel all gray and lonely and unsatisfied and uninspired and THAT's when I know I need to go to Ikea. And although it isn't my goal to spend (but I usually do) I really just need that "Swedish life far surpasses American life and we'll prove it with our lampshades" kick in the pants. And, well... they have Lingonberry juice.
So what exactly does Ikea fill in my half empty soul? Eye candy, cheap and juicy duvets and... oh- did you happen to notice that they had Swedish Meatballs? It's a good thing...


Erin said...

Ikea is my BFF. Nearly my entire apartment is furnished with stuff. And now we have more hex wrenches than we know what to do with!

jenica said...

ikea is the good boyfriend that just won't let you go to college. you know you need to just leave, but he provides you with such perfect, and reasonable reason to stay. why would you ever leave?

a friend made my day and dropped off ikea cinnamon rolls yesterday. hello? come here sweet goodness!

i hope you found some inspiration. ;-D

Schriftstellar said...

I love the title of this post, because that's exactly right. Ikea's just all so...IRRESISTIBLE (literally. I cannot resist.) And it proves that a big box filled with meatballs and bright colors feels less like a "big box" and more like, you know, a GIFT. Oh those clever Swedes and their wily marketing! :)

audrirene said...

I was suppose to have a pt job interview there last week. Think I am going with something else now. I just love the streamlined stuff and all the crisp images. I want my life to be as clutterfree as that too!

catebrook said...

Dude, you have NO idea how much I heart IKEA. I totally wish I lived in some of those rooms and actually, in my fantasy world, I do :)
My brother in law came over last night, took one look at my living room and said that it looked like an IKEA show room. I took it as a COMPLIMENT!!!!!! Oh, happiness :)