The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


This is a kid. This is flu. This is a kid on flu.

Remember those "egg on drugs" commercials? God bless Nancy Reagan and her "just say no" campaign. I will forever cherish those wacky commercials.... and hope we all heeded the advice of that powerful 80lb heroine- friend to Gary Coleman and the like.
Anyways- you know your kid is sick when:
10- She ASKS... for a nap... at 11am!!!!
9- She slept in until 9am... two hours before the requested nap
8- Said nap lasts 3 hours
7- You plop her on the couch, fully expecting her to veg out to Miss Spider and she turns away from the television, as if it's burning her retinas
6- Food holds no power over her, especially not Fruitibu, the new fruit leather of the gods (and #1 bribe food)
5- All she wants to do is "nuggle"
4- She lets you know where she is and what she's up to at all times... as opposed to when she's well and she's just up to no good as quietly as possible
3- "erringe jeese" is all that makes her happy ("orange juice")
2- She walks, I repeat WALKS through the grocery store like a little winged cherub, politely holding my hand and quietly and, again, politely asking for "healthy foods to please eat"
and the #1 reason you know you're kid is sick...
Besides the fact that her fever is a constant 102... she forgets where her "happy sunshine" place is, and suddenly makes unreasonable demands like "I wanna drive myself to the mall" and "I want to ONLY listen to Naked Brothers Band or Fergie on your Ipod" or "I don't want candy... I want to take a NAP!"

and THAT my friend... is what Iris is like, when she has the flu.


audrirene said...

Wow, what a blessing she is. So, unlike all the boy genes in my home. Whine, whine, whine. lol I hope the nasty bug leaves soon!

audrirene said...

I wanted to tell ya I am blogging at wordpress too.

Jane said...

I hope she feels better soon. My son had a brief stomach virus earlier this week. He went to bed one night at 7pm...on his own...and he's almost 12 :)

Kim said...

Aww poor baby.
Samantha has the flu now. Hopefully the rest of us will escape it.