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one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Then there was this time when I had to write this email to my bosses

Sometimes I want to throw my hands in the air and say "that's it... I quit". It's not "the job"... it's the things that come with the job. Like the customer who just says "move" instead of "excuse me" when she wants to get by... she says it while pushing a gigundo stroller AND talking on her cell of course. Then there's the man who called himself an "asshole" because he was literally having a tantrum about me not giving him $5 off a stroller for a coupon that we issued in October. A stroller that he just got $90 off with a promotion. Man had tantrum, stupid me gave in... I hate smug jerks like that who practically stamp thier feet in protest and then throw you a "love you... love your store" after you've humiliated yourself by stumbling over your words to combat his agressiveness.
And then there's the motherload. The one you've dissapointed. The one that you can't fix. And you have to write this email to your BOSS... and cross your finger that you won't make it worse:

Dear B and C:
we need a solution ASAP. Ms.D called me again on Saturday 3/8 to say
that the piece that Stokke sent her (spacer part 002227) was NOT the piece
that she asked for AT ALL. She specifically gave the part # of 002228,
which is for the Sleepi 0-3 mini spacer. This needs to be RE-ordered and
overnighted to Ms. D ASAP.
Beyond this additional issue, she is now incredibly unhappy and
unsatisfied with all the issues that arose with her purchase. She
expressed frustration at how many things went wrong on OUR part, including
the MANY mattress mix-ups on the part of the warehouse. She was
considering getting all her other things here (stroller, etc) but is
incredibly and understandably hesitant and is even considering never
shopping with our company again.
I would really like to see some positive follow up happen for Ms. D but
I'm really unsure of what to do at this point. She has been, through
everything (the order delay, the delivery confusion, the part for the
canopy missing, the mattress mix up) very patient and understanding. It
pains me to hear that her perception of us has so drastically and
negatively changed. It frustrates me that things seemed to be so careless
on the part of the warehouse and as far as her getting the wrong part from
Stokke... I don't even know what to say.
I believe that the warehouse needs to know about this issue. I think that
Stokke needs to be contacted immediately about the getting her the part
she needs. I also think that we need to, at this point go above and
beyond making some gesture to Ms.D to show her that we are trying to
make good on our high customer service standards.

~thank you
Director of Customer Activities.

This sucks... it just sucks to know you've let someone down who doesn't deserve to be let down. The $5 off guy? He deserves to be let down once and a while... the "move" lady? Ya- if she were feeling let down, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it... but THIS lady- Ms. D... I don't even know how to fix this.

AND the fire alarm went off. Twice
AND you're favorite little man-boy who you've coddled and taken under your wing at work, encouraging him to talk to customers, cheering him on for knowing his car seat specs doesn't SHOW... and doesn't answer his cell or any text messages even though every three seconds he's whipping out his phone while working... so you KNOW that he couldn't have "conveniently" left his cell behind.. you KNOw that he got every one of those calls and messages... and you KNOW that it's gonna suck to have to say goodbye to him for his irresponsibility.


Schriftstellar said...

I really like the email you sent to the Powers That Be---it's hard (for me) to balance being both assertive and compassionate, but you did it: and with grace, even! I envy that.

I also think you probably CAN fix it, and that your boss will appreciate your having tried so hard to make things right. In short: you're AWESOME. The stroller woman and the coupon guy need to STEP OFF. Seriously.

audrirene said...

I am sure the guest knows you are doing everything under your power to correct this and make it up to them. {{hugs}} this is not the part of going back to work I look forward to.