The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Oh Martha... I adore you

I wish Martha Stewart was my neighbor. Not that I want to replace my wonderful neighbors to the south of my house... they are great friends to us and I would be so sad without them- but I guess the ones to the north could go and Martha could move in. She would call it a "cottage" because, well... she's Martha for Pete's sake- and she can call houses "cottages" if she likes.
But more importantly- I would like to thank her for having french chefs on her show... ones that make lovely dishes like Creamed Spinach and Basil and Roasted Chicken and Potatoes of which, we "mmmmm'ed" and "ahhhhhh'ed" over tonight at our dinner table where the children replayed the "story of the bird" in which a new cardinal pair have moved into our Rhododendrons and apparently, the hood of our Subaru and the "mama" cardinal came charging at our window (video will follow soon- it was hysterical and caused my husband to usher a girly little nervous laugh as he was videoing the pair, which was quite adorable).
Iris keeps calling them "chicka-dee-dee-dees" (because we were talking earlier about chickadees) and Sage keeps imitating the call of a hawk- in all it's fierce (and screeching) loudness... which is in itself, fierce... and loud... and not unlike the fierce and loud Velociraptor screech that he is so expert in demonstrating.
And I just want to say "Thank you Martha, this Reluctant Mermaid Family Dinner and tonights colorful and Spring Bird filled conversation was brought to us by you... so.. there you go- thank you."

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CathyC said...

Ohhhhhh, it's a good thing ;)
Hi Kat! thanks for stopping by my blog. You know, you live right by me!!! Go South Shore Girls!!!!!!!