The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


She's got soul....

... and she's super baaaad.

This is my trouble. My sneak, my bossy boss, my hands on the hips-big dramatic sigh-stamping foot whirlwind fury. This is Iris.
So many people think we named her after the sweetly royal and magestic flower but this mighty little hurricaine in purple corduroy pants is actually named after a goddess.
She is the messenger of the gods, the unity between heaven and earth. She travels with the speed of wind on the path of the rainbow.
In Mythology she is both a peacemaker and a lifesaver.
In real life she is both a heartsinger and a joy maker.
Our girl... our little goddess.


Erin said...

She's beautiful!!!

(btw, I need to talk to you on th ehpone - can you email me your number? Regarding the GFCF diet :)

Anonymous said...

Look at her soulful eyes! She's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That was me btw~ Kim

jenica said...

haha. that is beautiful! i so believe in names with meaning. she is obviously living up to it. can you imagine what she would have turned out like if you'd named her mildred?

Cate said...

She reminds me of my almost 2yr old daughter. Maybe they were twins in a past life, ha ha! Mine didn't take after her name either. Her name, Olivia, means PEACE.
You have a beautiful child :)

Heather (s2k) said...

She's beautiful :)

Tyra said...

Oh... my.... God... she... is.... beautiful!!!! My kids don't believe that's Iris. I think to them she will always remain a baby! LOL Guess we have to get them together again so they realize she is growing up! Lillyanna likes her curly hair! Both of your children have that look in their eyes... like they know something the rest of us are clueless about! I love that!