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braggin rights

So what! I brag... so what! I'm a MOTHER... it's my JOB! LOL

So once more I just need to point out the "good things that I catch my son doing" and document them as exhibits to his thoughtfulness. We've been home since Wednesday with fevers and coughs and sore throats and so, my patience is wearing thin just about now... I need to perk myself up by bragging.

Sage had Tuesday off from school for "Professional Development Day" (teachers taking workshops and having team meetings). My generous father inlaw offered to take him off of our babysitters hands for a while and take him to the movies. Bee Movie. I was working, Alex was working... so by the time we got home and asked him about it, the glitter and glitz of the Hollywood screen had faded a bit and he gave us a half-hearted thumbs up to the movie without too much else to say. It occurs to me now, he probably was starting to not feel so great.
Thursday my Father inlaw called to check up on Sage. I didn't remember telling him that he was sick with a fever so I thought this was a little odd. Well, my Father inlaw confessess to me (TWO DAYS AFTER THE FACT) that he was worried that Sage got sick on the CANDY that he gave him at the movies... because he DIDN'T CHECK THE INGREDIENTS! Oh my GOD was I so annoyed... and even MORE angry that he didn't tell me right away that he did this. (For those of you unfamiliar with Celiac Disease... anything containing gluten can harm my child. EVERYTHING and it's mother contains gluten, even candy... which is why we have a RULE about checking ingredients... "when in doubt, go without"). So whatever- that's that. I scolded him for doing that and asked him to never give Sage anything that he couldn't guarantee as GF again... and life goes on I guess.
However. The reason he was asking if Sage was alright was because, it is in his generous nature to go above and beyond the call of Grandfatherly duty and offer a "whole day of fun" for Sage. He does this often. And Sage knows just who to ask when he really really REALLY wants to go to the toy store or the arcade or get any special "just because" toy. Alex and I have had a conversation with him many times about not taking advantage of GrandPa and how he should always appreciate even the little things that GrandPa does for him. His response is usually something like, "but GrandPa WANTS to buy me things".
So my Father inlaw, after hearing me go nuts on him for possibly glutening my kid, says that he was wondering if Sage had not been feeling well at the movies because he offered to take him to the arcade afterwards and Sage said "no thank you". So then he offered to take him to the toy store and Sage again declined and said he wanted to go home. Together, we concluded that "wellm he must not have been feeling well... that must have been when his virus started".

Later that night I told Sage that his GrandPa had called wondering if he was alright. I asked Sage why he didn't want to go out with him after the movie, to the arcade or the toy store... "were you feeling sick? were you tired? were you glutened?" I practically bombarded him with possible reasons. To which he said,
"No mom, I was just trying to be nice to GrandPa! He already treated me to the movie, and got me candy and popcorn. So I thought he had done enough special things for me!"

Oh, My, Word... he wasn't sick, he was being grateful. I'm so proud.

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