The Reluctant Mermaid

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Happy Birthday Pumpkin Queen!

I searched for the perfect card that could do justice to how much you mean to me. There were none that meant as much, or summed up as much as this picture of you holding my little one.
I see this picture and my heart sings with the memory of spending precious days with you and your children. With having deep one on one, in person talks about our lives and our children and our families. Baking ooey gooey GF and dairy/egg free cupcakes, witnessing the beauty of the children catching fireflies, meeting your parents, hopping along the beautiful creek, driving through miles of gorgeous hilly earth.
You, my friend have always brought joy to my life. You have such a way about you. And to think that when we first were getting to know each other, we were polar opposites of what we thought we wanted out of a friend. Who knew that I could embrace the scientist in you?... who knew that you could embrace the whacky hippy in me? It's amazing what real true connections do to a person...
they make you send pumpkins, even if it means a 5am call from the head of security at the post office wondering if the pumpkin could actually be anthrax?
they make you send snakes in a can
they make you create first time memories of Christmas for the family deciding once and for all to actually celebrate it
they make you laugh with each other, cry with each other, cry FOR each other... and love.
My dear friend. I love you so much and hope that this birthday wish for you is sitting right with you. I just could not find any other way to truly express myself than to share your sparkle with all who come here.
Happy Birthday!


Tyra said...

Oh Kat, You are such a good friend. Your beautiful words made me cry! How lucky I am to have a friend in you. Do you know how much you have touched my life; do you know how much you have influenced me to be a better person? Thank you for your words. They are better than any card. I thought of you this morning as I was opening gifts from my precious children. Remember the card Riley gave you that was sealed shut with tape? My birthday gifts were wrapped just as securely. LOL Between the two of them, they gave me 4 bottles of nail polish (Currently my toes wear the most electric blue polish imaginable and my fingers are painted a nice bright fuchsia! LOL), a bottle of lavender foot soak, a pedicure brush, three pairs of earrings, a net body sponge and three packets of raspberry hot chocolate! All wrapped in an entire roll of wrapping paper held together with TWO rolls of tape! LOL I had to use scissors to open them! And Riley thought my gifts should be hidden like Easter eggs, if only his memory could have remembered where he hid them! Those last few gifts took quite some time to find! You and my children have already made my birthday a wonderful day! Some days I forget how truly blessed I am in life! Thank you for helping to remind me! (And did I mention both kids are sporting blue finger nail polish with alternating purple/pink toe nails! LOL)

audrirene said...

Beautiful....both of you!