The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


throwing around celebrity names like they're my "people"

Whoa... when did many many days slip away from me? I've been commuting into the city (umm... 2 HOURS for a morning commute?) for some training at my new job. One more week there until I get to go local. It's funny, I'm learning SO much- I'm selling high end baby furniture and equiptment... and now I find myself constantly on "gear patrol". Like last night, there was NOTHING on tv and I was waiting oh so patiently until 10pm when my beloved LA Ink came on and I was watching another guilty pleasure when I noticed that I actually KNEW that Tori Spelling had an Orbit stroller system... and I started spouting off all the functions of it to my very bored husband who was already annoyed that I was torturing him with 90's teen stars. But I was amazed at myself... I've only been there for two days! One exciting thing happened on day two: we had to send a very expensive blanket to Tom Brady's "Baby Mama", Bridget Moynahan. Love it.
Some other fun highlights of our week include:

~*~ Iris's seatbelt malfunctioning, resulting in having to move her car seat to the middle of the Subaru, resulting in many "stop touching me's" and "Bubby! you's NOYYING me!" Translation: "Bubby (her pet name for her brother) you're annoying me!" (can you believe that a two year old can day this?)

~*~ Having my dentist babysit my kids in the waiting room while his hygentist cleaned my teeth... they kept coming into the exam room, both of them plastered all over with giant Dora stickers and then one time, Iris came in to check on me ("you's 'kay mama? you's say "ouchie?") and was wearing a red plastic necklace that Dr. S put on her... I think she's in loooooove....

~*~ getting growled at and then bit by our bunny Ramona (well, I wouldn't call that a "fun highlight" exactly... it was more like a shocking tragic event that made me want to sell the bunny)

~*~ The dueling street signs between a local church and the neighboring hair salon (owned by a wonderful gay man, one of my local heros)
Thiers: "Wanted: Sinners!"
Michaels: "Church of _____ wants sinners; funny- so do I"


Jane said...

sounds like such a fun job!!!

jenica said...

iris sounds like she's quick as a whip. when my kids were forced to sit next to one another there was a lot of hollering going on. and yet there were really sweet moments when i would catch them holding hands... awww...