The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Day of Blessings

*a car trip with Grand-Pa to the Cape to visit with vacationing cousins

*morning swim in one of the Glacier Kettle Ponds so little known of Cape Cod, in the warm fog and drizzle

*catching toads, naming them (Oscar, Clarabelle, Froggy Jr., and Lindsay) loving them up and then releasing them

*burgers and a fresh baked GLUTEN FREE PIZZA from BZ's Mexican Pizzaria (which apparently is the only gluten free mexican pizza joint that I know of that is owned by Greeks.

*Breyers mint Chip Ice Cream, with 7 multicolored candles stuck right into the half gallon container for my recently turned SEVEN urchin

*Messages in a bottle, sun dials and compasses, and a kick ass little wooden pirate ship... all in one afternoon!

*Having my son make the idea that EVERYONE write a little something on the note that was going to go into the bottle... (mine was "peace. love and broccoli".... his was "I love the world".)

*reading felt-crafted board books from my absolute most favoritest and best publisher over and over to my littlest urchin and her teeny tiny Zoe cousin.

*watching how PROUD my sister in law was to have nursed her daughter successfully now for a YEAR while working full time... and still going!!!!

*Hearing my boy sing "what would you do with a drunken sailor" in a fine British accent with my father accompanying him... all the while knowing that he has NO idea what "drunk" even means...

*seeing that my Step mother came away from a melanoma diagnosis with just a tiny quarter sized scar... and knowing that they "got it all" with the biopsy that they took.

*the car ride home where the biggest one said "mommy- listen to my rhyme... 'I wrote a letter to my mother, just to tell her that I loved her' "

*Wellspring Gluten Free Chicken Dino Bites and sticks of cheese from Trader Joes upon our home arrival

*Binky kisses from the littlest one

*finishing Gullivers Travels with the biggest one and having him declare in his innocence and naievety "I can't wait until they come out with a sequal!"

*bedtime, followed closely by cracking open a cold Redbridge and a quick "dropping by cookies for the Peace Corp Benefit concert" from two amazing friends who can't be there to help Alex and I run the intermission refreshments at the benefit tomorrow.

*having an offer made by one of those dear dear friends to help someone that I love so greatly and being able to- without hesitation this time say; "I think that you should- I think it would help" where a difficult issue is concerned.

*turning on "What Not to Wear"... I heart Clinton and Stacey and I take their advice very seriously... Ahh... a perfect end to my perfect day with my two adorable, imaginative and whimsical little urchins. I am one very tired Mermaid this evening... WHEW!

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Jennifer said...

Wow, I couldn't even stay awake for tv after a full day like that! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time and learned lots!