The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Birthday Girl!

You are TWO! I can't even imagine our lives without you... it's hard to believe that you've only been with us for two little tiny years baby...
I love so much of everything about you... your little lisp, your pretending to make coffee first thing in the morning, your little bum wiggling back and forth as you swing your hips around so happy that "I naakee". I love that one huge dollop of a curl right at the top of your head, I love the way you clink and clank around like Marleys Ghost when you load up on costume bling, I love how when you're concentrating on something really hard you breathe really fast and heavy through your nose, I love your nose... I love that little nose. I love your independence, shouting hard and fast, "no me! no me! no ME!" whenever you want to exert it. I love when you hear that "Beep beep beep" of Daddy's van backing into the driveway at the end of the night, you put your face in my lap and whisper loudly, "hide hide hide hide hide" but then prematurely yell "Ha-PRISE!" even before he's come through the door. I love that you turn to your brother for comfort when your hurt or scared... and I love that he gently and efficiently comforts you. I love that you know all the words to The Eye Book and love to say the part about "pink underpants" so giggly. I love that you love to "quish" playdough, I love to watch you lay on the floor on your belly to read or draw with crayons with your feet crossed in the air. I love to hear your plinky plunky songs on the piano and I LOVE your voice as you sing all the "happy songs" you can.
You make my heart swell and my head spin with the joy of being your mother... my little rainbow goddess, I love you. Happy Birthday.

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