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Night and Day

It's now daytime but it's black out, like it's still night. In fact, maybe that's why they call it "the still of the night"... it's not the stillness of the night, it's because it's daytime but still night all at the same time. See... this is only making sense to ME right now and here's why:
I left for work in the wee hours of the morning, with my young one howling at the door, just after pinching her hand in the doorway of the bathroom. Regina was shush-shush-shushing her gently in her native German. I waved and blew kisses like a hyper-frantic maniac as I eased the Subaru out of the driveway.
My older one had already hopped and bopped all over me in his flurry to get on the bus, get to school (good day with that... fingers crossed) that he didn't have time to listen to me profess my love for him and shower him with sweet kisses in hopes that that would make up for the fact that I wouldn't see him until the next morning.
It's night- but day... I worked through each moment of it, worked hard and now I'm sitting in the still-night/day looking over some gorgeous pictures that my boy worked on at school.


Erin said...

Oh, I hated working nights like that. I had to do it for almost a year when I first started waitressing. My days and nights were all mixed up. It sucks, it truly sucks.

Bohemian Mom said...

I can relate. Don't you just hate leaving home in a day/night when everyone is out of sorts?
Your blog is great!