The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others



Worked another 12 hour day yesterday but got into the Zen art of shelving plush... and setting up the sweet sweet soft and comforting baby toys. I LOVE, no... I ADORE the softness of these toys that are so soft that they're almost non-existant. I relish the sturdy blonde wooden wheels of a giraffe pull toy, the hysterical irony of baby cell phones, the predictable brain stimulation that will occur when the wee ones view the black, white and red infant mobile.
Oh I LOVE my job... I love it... I love unwrapping boxes- it's like a holiday surprise to see in true life what the teeny tiny catalog picture could only hint at. I love imagining that customer oo-ing and ah-ing the same way that I did when I took the item out of the box to find the *perfect* place for it.
I have a passion for setting up displays, setting them just so to look like a little microcosmos of fun and enticement.
So... as I kiss my babes goodbye on this grayrainycoldwet day I will step into the light that is my job. It will fill me with warmth and that in turn will someday (opening day is May 3!!!!) turn itself around so that I can then pass that warmth onto my cherished customers.

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Anonymous said...

What a magical job!
I too love the delicious feeling of some of the stuffies on the market now.
Long hours!
How do you do it with little ones?
You inspire me!