The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


ooooooooh SNAP!

Sage saw Dr. Sue today, our chiropractor. Yes folks, he's on his FIFTH (that's 5) ... friggin sinus infection since January. I have HAD it with the ENT who just wants to experiment on him with antibiotics and about 3 different nasal sprays- forget it... CLEARLY it's not working. My son is not a lab rat you moron!
So- time to go holistic. Hence the visit with Dr.Sue who took one look at my little snooger-booger boy and said, "he is SO unbalanced!". Thank the Universe for people like her who take me seriously when it comes to my childrens health. Sage has been a patient of hers since he was three and she's gotten us through some pretty harrowing times. (Like the time he hadn't pooped for DAYS and she adjusted him and he had to run to her bathroom holding his butt LOL)
His C-2 was out of whack, usually she just uses the "activator" (a little compression gun) but he was so tight that she asked him if she could adjust him and for once he said "yes- if you can fix that pain in my neck" (my little 006 1/2 year old person cracks me up sometimes) so- she did it, and "pop pop pop" he was fixed. Then she did a lot of sinus work and some sacram work and he could BREATHE through his nose!!!! It's been almost 4 hours since his adjustment and I've yet to see a yellow slug creep out of his nose (that was nasty... sorry I didn't warn you first but that's what I call his sinus infection boogers)
Ahh-sigh... why don't I follow my mama radar more often and do what I KNOW is right for these kiddos?

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