The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others



that's what I call the mood I've been in. I need to unload, so cover your ears (eyes, whatever, I don't CARE, see THAT'S what kind of mood I'm in) so here we go- I have my stick of "balance" insense burning next to me, a sleeping babe and a half hour or so to kill whining before I have to get some REAL work done:

ED: Make up your friggin MIND about payroll budget! Do you WANT me to hire toy techs or not? And while we're at it, can you PLEASE not call former employees and tell them we have work when I don't think that they fit our criteria (Shannon for instance... lovely girl, BUT the three year old customers that we cater to do NOT need the exposure to her belly-button bling)
And a side note: when you sponser a mural contest and offer the winner a $500 shopping spree, you CAN NOT then go and "split" the $500 up between all the contest entrants because you feel bad... you idiot. Okay- I'm done with you.

M.C.- don't you DARE tell me again that I have no right to "manage" you... or "schedule" you. I am your manager. I make the schedule. Period. You bitch. (harsh I know but this is MY vent....)

Caryn- love you. love your hair. but I am NOT flying three of us down there to GA, renting a vehicle AND putting up with your crappy "I'm your big sister, therefore I rule" crap.

lunchlady- how many emails does it take to get Sage's student ID so I can PAYPAL money into Sages lunch account (what is this world coming to that you can PAYPAL money to the cafeteria!!@! for petes sake!). oh wait- I just checked my inbox, and the ansser to my question is four. four emails asking for the id. thank you.

Life Jewelry- where is the friggin peanut allergy medic alert bracelet that I ordered a month ago for Iris? And again, how many emails/PHONE calls does it take to confirm that order? Even when I tell you that I'm dissapointed in your communication, you choose to reply by NOT RESPONDING! This bracelet BETTER potentially save her life someday if (goddess forbid) she eat a nut!

And to all the customers who call and stop in- WE HAVE NO WEBKINZ! Okay? NONE! We're not "hiding" them... we don't know WHEN they will ship, we don't know WHAT they will send us and for crying out loud if one more person tells me that some assinine rumored "strike" on the railroad is "over" (WHY do you know this people? WHY do you know that the Webkinz are being held up by the "Little Engine that Wouldn't due to contract Negotiations"- get a LIFE! If you are tracking your childs TOY to the point where you know about railroad strikes and delivery times then guess what... you need to seek professional help)

Okay- deep cleansing breath in.... and.... releeeeeeeeeeease.... letting go of all the negativity.... surrounding my soul with healing white light.... showering myself in peace and tranquility..... ahhhhh.........
I may now surf the internet in search of a graphic sign maker while filled with Universal Love and Harmony...


The Whole Self said...

breathe in breathe out mama...doesn't it just feel good to vent sometimes? hope your day is better...

jenica said...

hey, i saw your other gluten-free bloggie buddies. have you ever read: she's a cutie, plus she usually puts on recipes for yummy food!