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Blue Paint Puke, and a Charming Wizard

Yesterday was CRAAAAAAAAPY outside, and since we're really trying (mostly failing though) to have a go at a SERIOUS (as in seriously half-assed) media diet I decided to let the kids raid the craft closet and pick a project of their choice. Iris chose playdough ("I QUISH it, mama") and Sage chose crayons and they both hightailed it away from the closet brandishing paint brushes, so I guess that meant that they "agreed" to share the paint.
Well, it was Iris's first time at painting and probably her last, because we got as far as the above picture and then she just couldn't help herself... she HAD to have a lick which resulted in some furious, dramatic gagging and then a quiet, polite little puddle of blue puke. The title of her painting ended up being: "Just before tasting blue". She relished the move back to her beloved playdough ("I QUISH it, mama")
Sage on the other hand got his Pollock-groove on and did some amazing paint splatter art in his spiral bound art journal... (I pull it out once and a while and have him do something so we can watch the progress of his crativity) he also has invented a foreign language, based mostly on Lego- Bionicle and Lego Barraki toys (rolling eyes with a huge sigh here) and called it: "Matroxi".
Then there is this sweet and charming little wizard that I just LOVE... doesn't he look so friendly and twinkly?
Ahh... art with kids.

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Her Bad Mother said...

Oooh, that top one looks very much like WB's Ode To Georgia O'Keeffe. Hope you got those framed!