The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


I need to listen more...

Katie's gift... light from the heavens shining upon it.

I've known Katie since she was a baby.  
An old boyfriend and I worked as servers at her parents Christmas party one year. 
 Fancy stuff there.  I'm pretty sure we got tipsy at the end from sipping the leftover cocktails.
And Katie was a bright blond smiling little creature.
It was soon after that that her parents discovered that she was mentally retarded and her life would never be what they imagined.
Fast forward 20 years (or so... ) 
Katie is a blond smiling little young adult, she pops in and out of businesses all over town,
getting to know the owners... striking up conversations with strangers. 
She's delightful.
She comes in to the shop that I work my Saturdays in.
And we've reconnected.
She asks me ALL the time for a specific dark chocolate that only comes from Nicaragua.
Which we don't have (of course)
And she tells me that she has a dollar to buy her dad some candy
Except he can't have sugar.
So silly
she knows she's being so silly
She always says "I love you" before she leaves the shop.

Today she came in and handed me three paper bags.
She said "this one is for you, that one is for Mary (like me, a part timer), the big one is for Jacqueline (the owner)"
She said 
"they're candles. 
 I bought them for all of you.  
I'm buttering you up so I can work here.  
Will Jacqueline hire me?"

I told her that she should come in on Monday and ask her then... I said "Katie you are a SWEETHEART!"
She walked right up to me... all 4'9" of her
She hugged me and said;
"Life goes on"

and that was it.
She walked out the door and turned to say "I love you"

I stood there KNOWING that Life, indeed does go on.
I'm listening.

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CathyMA said...

Hi Kate! I was trying to figure out what to tell you. Something encouraging. Then I found this and it was better than what I could write.
The link: