The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


To get love, you have to give it away

Everyone needs someone to love.

I love you and I hope you love me too.

Time to come out of the woodwork friends and lurkers, tell me what you love and I'll pick a name on Monday to send this little bird wreath to, easy peasy:

and please tell me you've seen this

COMMENTS CLOSED! Thank you all for "putting a bird on it"


Carly said...

Kate, we're on the same wavelength! I was just about to put up a post about "Put a bird on it" too! That's a lovely wreath. I love your designs.


Kat said...

Carls... (is it ok that I call you that? no? too late) I wrote a STICKY NOTE (ha!) to myself to remember to watch it on friday nights... I HATE that it's only 1/2 hour though!!!

kerri said...

I love the fact that I am finally realizing that I am worth it!! I have a whole new outlook on my life and am actually looking forward to the future. To new friends, new loves and new interests. This year was hell but I am finally at the light at the end of the tunnel and I am LOVING it! (most of the time, we all have our days and we are allowed to have them)

Carly said...

Carls works for me :)

My Soul Can Dance said...

what i love.......myself! well...i'm learning to anyway :)

Anonymous said...

I have no more love to give away except to animals and children.
Having a bad day. That's all.
Tomorrow I will love everything again.
Put a bird on it.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to spread some love on you too, sweets. wait for my next post!

Anonymous said...

I love the earth. I love the creatures. I love humanity. I love my family. I love my friends. I love life. I love joy. I love the suck in your breath cold of winter. I love the wetness of spring rains. I love the sweltering heat of the summer sun blazing down on my skin. I love the smell of fresh cut hay in the early fall and the extraordinary colors that follow. I love me. I love you. I love that you are the best reluctant mermaid you can be.

Tangerine Meg said...

I love red, orange, dark red, light strong pink, deep purply pink, yellow and dark yellow, green and at least 3 blues, all together. And I love yoga class.

That video was funny!

Thanks for telling me you were doing this. I am not sure why I didn't pick it up, maybe cos I am trying not to spend so much time loving Facebook!

Chrissy said...

I love my two beautiful little boys, they are the light of my life. When things were at their lowest I would just look at them and know that we would get there. And now after almost 4 years of making it on our own we are. I love my family, I love our freedom I love where we live and I'm on my way to loving me