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Spill It

I just saw something on my friend Nina's page that made me immediately want to share.
it's a little frightening to do that isn't it?
to share?
things that people didn't know before?
to confess?
but she was inspired to do it, after reading about someone else who did it
and now I'm inspired to do it after reading that she did it after reading someone else who did it.
got it?
here are 6 things that I would like to confess:
1. I threw away all the sugar in my house in a quest to help us all be healthier, but I keep a secret stash of m&m's for myself.
2. When my kids go to thier Dad's for the weekend, I sit on the couch, completely immobilized by my longing to be with them and not knowing what to do with myself. Sometimes I sit there for almost 7 hours watching tv. I've seen every single episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and also Top Chef and Jersey Shore.
3. I have a body-focus disorder that is impulsive and compulsive that gives me urges that I can't control. I've had it since I was 10.
4. I don't miss being married to Alex anymore. And in fact, I'm glad I'm not.
5. When I was in 9th grade, someone wrote a fake suicide note and signed my name to it and left it on a teachers door. I was called to the school psychologist who had called the police and the police were coming to get me to take me to a hospital. I didn't write that note, but someone did it because they hated me. And knowing that someone hated me that much to do something like that to me made me want to write a note of my own. I don't think I'll ever get over that. I think about it all the time still.
6. I like to use crunchy almond butter as a dip for potato chips.


KEVIN said...

Being transparent and an open book is a great thing. Most people are either afraid or embarrassed to try it.

Anonymous said...

1. I am in 'lurve' with a man who is not my husband. I think about him all the time.
2. I miss being a mother of small children.
3. I like my dog more than most people.
4. I buy way too much fabric. Compulsively.
5. I drive 20 minutes longer to get soy milk in my coffee.
6. But sometimes I'm lazy and just go to MaryLou's and have skim milk in my coffee. This matters because I'm vegan. (a-ha says K8, now she knows who I am.)
7. I would like to kick a certain someone's ass but instead I am going to ignore him. Forever.

Anonymous said...

It's really hard to "put yourself out there" and kudos to you for doing so.

Whomever wrote that note in 9th grade was an a---hole.

Almond butter and chips sounds soooo yummy! Market it!

Anonymous said...

I fell out of love with my ex husband when my children were 6 months old. I stayed until they were ten years old. I think that may be the greatest regret of my life.