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Office Space; a Very Carly Guest Post

Hello my people, did you love Elissa/Leo's post the other day? Don't forget that for a limited time only, you can catch up on her posts at The World Was Turning. I say limited because, any day now she's having babyKoop and we all may be jonesing for her writing for a looonnngggg while (but I hope not).

Now, please meet Carly. Carly comes from the same hearty beanstalk (ha!) that made Elissa and I friends, yes- that Magic Beans sure knows how to make friendships grow! (okay I'll stop now) I guess that's the beauty of a small business where all the staff are young and energetic and open to new friendships (and by young I mean- I was the oldest one there). I really did make some great friends and even though now my work life is pretty solitary (as in I'm the only one) and I the contact that I do have (via text message and sticky note) with my bosses is lacking and the office has no windows (Vit. D supplements) and no wall art (except my smiling little lovelies) and out of nowhere pumpkin seeds come to attack me (you kinda had to be there)I have these little bright spots every once and a while where I get to converse! In real time! With a HUMAN! who is CARLY! over G-chat! (and it's an especially good day when I get to chat with her AND with my best friend Jen who uses the naptimes for her two little charges VERY wisely)

Carly is wicked funny
And her blog is wicked sharp
And she is wicked stylish
And she's just one of those people who has a good time living her life.
And she's a Q-T-PIE to boot.

So, here she is folks, Carly of Grown Up Lady Me:

"Just the other day Kate and I were talking about the realities of office space. I work in an office with electric green walls and a dozen or so goofball characters I am more likely to ask an obscure cartoon question than a QED report related question. Kate's office has no windows and is decorated with a poster of her company's mission statement. While it sounds like I'm the winner in this scenario, my eyes have grown fatigued of neon green and my company resists the idea of a mission statement like most children resist a bedtime. My frustration with Google docs is her frustration with Post-it notes. Where are the offices from the movies? With all the airy brightness and perfectly organized office supplies?

I love my office. But the main problem is it's not my own personal fantasy office. If it were, the walls would be a soothing shade of blue-green and my desk would be a white parsons one. Clutter would be mine to banish (or not, probably not). Kate's would have a window. And a wreath.

Part of my workstation preoccupation comes from the fact that I haven't had a desk in my home for about a year and a half. Since I did have one for, oh, about twenty straight years prior to that, it's been a bit of an adjustment.

As I continue to fantasize about a new home office and ways I could improve my work office, here's some inspiration I have come across:"

Alicia Friedmann

This one's realistic. Art and storage tubs.

Emily Henderson

Kate would put flowers in a gold mug. Any day.

Erinn Valencich

A nice seating area for guests.

Shelly Riehl

Sometimes I think all I need is nice bag and a cup of tea.

Velvet Hammerschmidt

Check out that window Kate!

Celia Berliner

Lots of energy here.

Lori Dennis

Mmm...This one comes with orange soda

Come to think of it, I think the Reluctant Mermaid and the Grown Up Lady might happily share an eclectic office space. In our happiest fantasies we might as well include an environment where text messages are not an accepted form of business communication and to do lists actually exist to receive checkmarks--be they virtual or sticky note style.

In the meantime, I'll look for an apartment with enough room for an office. Or a work cove. Or just a desk.

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jill nalette said...

very sweet!
xo and smiles~ jill

Regus said...

The fifth picture is a nice choice. It looks pretty cosy with a good natural light source. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.