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Flowers in the Snow (clearance style)

We're suppose to be having a "snow day" which here in coastal New England could mean anything. Today, it means slush and gray sky and 3 people stuck indoors with too much sugar and not enough space.
So I made cupcakes, we played games, did a little laundry, made video projects, and when I finally found a little time where each child was occupied with something that didn't involve wrestling or arguing, I made myself something pretty.

For $3.75

Yup- totally.

Last month I went to Target and bought the same fleece (full price, dang) for $15. I bought some black satin ruffled trim for $2 that I sewed up on either side of the zipper. Well that very same fleece (but in ruby red!) was on sale last night for less than $4.

I added little fabric flowers that I made, using buttons from my stash that my little shop assistant picked out and fabric that my fairy godmother gifted to me for the holidays.

And there you go. This cost me a whopping $3.75

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jill nalette said...

oh how cute! i like the picture of iris helping you : )
love ya!
xo and smiles~ jill