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Why my life is awesome- a love letter

Dear Awesome people in my life,
I love you.
You are rainbows in the sky you are as maginficent as this and I am so lucky to have you.

Dear Children:
Seriously- what would I do, where would I be without you? You make me laugh, you make me listen to Kiss108 to innappropriate songs, which used to bother me but I now see that they are a tool for me to teach you some values, some boundaries, how it's not okay to brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack. You let me in on your dance moves, your "how to pick up chicks" strategies, and you share your sillyband collection with me but you don't share the pounds and pounds of blueberries that you consume- that's cool, keep all that healthy fiber and antioxidents to yourself. You have stepped it up in taking charge of household tasks, you have learned to lean on each other, you have loved me and let me love the heck out of you, squishing you in huge hugfests where I just don't. want. to. let. go.

Dear crap that's going on:
I'm taking a week off to head for Camp Celiac with my boy, I'll fish (eww), swim (hello my new friend: long swim shorts), either be eaten alive by the teenage girls I'll be counseling or I'll walk away with a feeling that I meant something to them. I'm going to eat amazing food, all safe- all without the hesitation wondering "is there any hidden gluten in here?"
I'm going to keep my head up, because guess what? NOBODY knows what's going on in this broken heart. I can give what's happening a break, I can put it aside to just truly LIVE in the moment. And hopefully when I get back, I will have trained myself to do that- to live in the moment, to see how awesome my life is, to appreciate every moment.

Have a great week, it will be weird to be so "off the grid" but when I get back Saturday- I'll most likely have amazing camp stories to tell.

love, kat.


CindieQuilts said...

The kids complained that they are not allowed to sing Tick Tock anymore, and I said "Good! That's a trashy song." And then they agreed with me, so good call, Mom.

Be a big kid this week. Have fun. Laugh really loud and really long and get hiccups from laughing so hard. Eat yummy and healthy and safely and freely. Hug that silly boy turning into a big boy all of a sudden but do it in secret. Be the mermaid you are. And take tons of pics.

Tons of love and hugs!!!!! Safe travels... Can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your week off the grid! You definately need and deserve it. Fingers crossed you got the perfect place!

Lisa said...

have a great week and enjoy the time off from all the shit!! xoxo

~*dawn*~ said...

Enjoy every moment away from the chaos!! Sounds like a wonderful getaway!