The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Sweet Retreat

see that little grove?

that is a magical little path, that is at the base of a wide green field and if you follow that little dirt path through the grove you will find a small wooden footbridge with a salty stream trickling under it. Follow the dirt path through the grove a bit more and suddenly you burst out onto one of the most wonderful spots I know. The ocean. The ocean by way of private beach. The private beach by way of magical little path running through a grove. The Grove by way of the wide swell of a plush green field... and at the top of the hill, where the field begins... is this:

see that picnic table? I'll be sitting there... hopefully with coffee (or wine) in one hand and a pen or paintbrush or art journal in the other. This picnic table sits outside a grey shingled house that has open rooms, lots of beds, gorgeous rooms and a kitchen that CAN hold way too many cooks.
But I won't be alone. I'll be surrounded by writers, artists, book enthusiasts, massage therapists, meditation leaders, collagers, jewelry makers, wellness trainers... all women... all of us together. Retreating and feeding our SELVES.
May 15-16. stay tuned.