The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Here's the deal:

Hey Kat,
here's the deal. you have to stop fooling around and making excuses and get your butt moving. even when it doesn't come out right. even when you find out that there is someone else in town making and selling the things that you make and sell. even when you covet the higher quality supplies that you think you need, when in fact you have plentiful shelves swelling of perfectly wonderful tools. things you know how to use, things you know how to make, things you know how to experiment with.
you have to do something every day even when it's someone else guiding what you make. you have to keep being inspired instead of being envious. you have to reach out and talk, ask questions, seek out others who are also on this kind of journey to ask for, and offer support. and above all you need to be brave, take risks, practice at not being so shy, build your own confidence and you have. to. fly.
Now off you go little birdy. Build that nest as big as you can. And then nurture the little eggs that you have created until they too can fly on thier own.

Happy New Year

love, your inner artist.

ps- not two minutes after writing this do I find this little gem and there are only so many words for when stuff like this happens, and I can only do one thing when it does. I thank the Universe for giving me this gift of guidance. Thank you... thank you thank you thank you...

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Audri said...

I think I had the same pep talk on NY too! My new years resolutions are 1) meditate daily or as close to as I can 2) return to crafting and 3) treating myself to an outfit & a date at LEAST once a month!